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    Everyone knows smoking is bad for health, seriously causing severe impact to your body. We all know that since you were a kid, but why people still smoke and some are so addicted to it that they smoke a pack of cigarette daily? I have no idea.

  Due to its severe damage to our body, our lovely Malaysian Ministry of Health have enforced the manufacturers of cigarette to paste an image of eeewww-looking result on each pack of cigarette just like this..

(Yeah!! We found a solution to reduce the number of Malaysian smokers..) o.0, how sure are you? Mr Minister

    Who cares, smokers keep smoking, (some might have quit because of this just maybe). You see everyone smokes especially in cities like KL. No matter men, women, teenagers, it is a trend to smoke. OMG!!



    From what I observed, number of university students who smoke is in critical phase. It is not hard to find one who smokes. What caused this to happen? They smoke since high school? or they smoke when they enter U? Well, university does care about your health, isn't it?

    Like my uni, the management pasted warning posters telling students not to smoke in campus, but the funny thing is they smoke behind this line, in the commercial block, why cant you just prohibit smoking in the campus compound? I am so confused..

   Dear minister, WARNING POSTERS CAN NO MORE SCARE/STOP THE PEOPLE, you are just WASTING non-smokers money. Please think deeper,wisely for workable solutions, increasing the price of cigarette CANT SOLVE THE ISSUE TOO. Dont be selfish,dont think of own benefit collecting taxes from it. 

(photos taken from internet)

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Rawr~!! OH wait, is this how a dragon sound? er, nevermind, forget about it.. It is Dragon year this year.. Dragon is described as an animal that bring lucks to the people from Chinese belief and I do believe the poem you hear this year most probably are 龙马精神,风调雨顺,'龙'总发,  of course the traditional one 恭喜发财,万事如意,身体健康 and the popular one of 2012 - 心想事成.

For this year, Chinese New Year falls on Monday, which mean we have a week celebration of it..For me, 'Tanglung' is a must to lighten up the atmosphere of New Year.... and here it goes

Next, a New Year celebration without reunion dinner is sure not perfect.. As usual, steamboat dinner, stewed duck and steamed fish..

A family photo?

As in rained kinda heavily just right when the clock strikes 12, I only burned the firecrackers on the first day morning. Red means 'Huat' anyway.

Mr and Mrs Mayor to our house..

Aunt's family

Well, I did not take much photos of relative.. below is some of the most wanted gang visiting photos.

and of course, not to forget my aunt come here all the way from Shenzhen.

Year 2012 Chinese New Year is indeed one of the most busiest and meaningful celebration where I had activities throughout the week. Now, I am looking forward to the coming holiday in Kuching. Yeah, cheers!!

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Before I talk about target for 2012, let me just summarize what I wish and did for the past year.. Hmm, I did want to move out from Taylor's Lakeside hostel due to its killing rental and the tiny room they have.

Oh Yeah!! I am moving out~!!!

I am still here.. sigh.... Hopefully by this year, I can move to a cheaper house.. >.<

Next, in 2011, everyone is keeping themselves updated to the trend of owning a smartphone/tab in hand..How I wish I could have one too.

Samsung Galaxy SII?

HTC Sensation XE?

No, none of them, I am still using my lovely Sony Ericsson Naite.. I dont need a smartphone anyway. I just need a workable, sms,mms and callable device. Somehow, I am looking forward for the upcoming Smartphones this year, hopefully it will get cheaper and it would be best if I can get it for free.. haha..

Lastly, I have been warning myself to exercise more frequently and gain weight, but the fact is cruel, I am still that thin. However, my exercising rate has increased compared to 2010.. Cant wait for the gym and indoor badminton court of University to be opened soon... This year, I MUST EXERCISE MORE~!!

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Do you believe in long-lasting friendship? I dont, to be honest.

Well, when you first met a friend/bunch of friends, you might think yeah!! I found my friends and our friendship will last long. Since then, you started to spend more time with the newly met friends, chit-chatting, understand each other deeper, work together, laugh at one another for no reason and call each other as brother/sister.

As time passes, conflict might happens if they know each other too well, without aware that your little action or speech might eventually hurt them which you think we are friends, it’s ok. no big deal. If you don’t correct this situation soon enough, quarrel will be the next outcome. You will be starting to point his/her bad attitude/habit (something you keep in your heart for long, not dare to speak out because of friendship). Soon after, you will spend less time/try hard to avoid eye-contact/ interaction with each other. In the end, he/she will just be your passer-by in your life. From friends – good friends – hi-bye friends – enemy – strangers. This is fact, don’t you think so?

So yeah, appreciate your current friends cos you will never know what will happens next..

Hope your friendship lasts anyway..

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It has been 3 months ago I blogged.. Hmm.. What theme should be used for this post? just a random one. This month in Architecture study is really torturing with average 4 hours sleep for a week and the miracle is I am still surviving, how awesome am I, isnt it? 3 submissions on last week and 4 submissions in this week. OMG!! lecturers paid to be cruel to students~ What a lifeless uni life here?


Well, i guess this is the only stuff that I was happy and enjoyed doing it. Isometric drawing of proposed bungalow using Autocad. First time redraw a building. what a great achieve for myself..



Here’s the original look of the proposed bungalow..

Sleepless life symbolize Architecture students…>>>

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     Once again, it is time to countdown the days flying back to hug everything of Kuching. After surviving for the first session of final assignment, i can see the waving hand of Kuching much more clearer. First semester of Degree life is going to end soon, what shall i say about it? cool, difficult, torturing, relaxing, challenging, killing? Well, it kills but teaches me the cruelty and reality of this world.

Forget about Uni life, it is time to plan my holiday in July!!!! What shall i do?

  • sleep for at least 7 hours
  • eat like the world is ending
  • exercise more
  • dye cut my hair
  • be my parents driver
  • drive recklessly in Kuching
  • Back to school for nothing
  • Hang out with friends(hope they will entertain me)
  • move on with my design idea(pixelization) & Google SketchUp
  • hunt for My Fm Cruiser
  • mini-gathering with J’nians
  • catch up NTV7 dramas & movies
  • call my parents for no reason
  • eat the Korean noodle
  • more to come

what I did for the past few torturing months



Project : Make a mask which reflects my personality



Project : Create a 4m by 4m space for hide & peep purpose 



Project: Create a day-dreaming space for a performer



Building Analysis : Hagia Sophia

  Well, 17 means another thing to me.. ya.. it is her birthday again. Back to 5 years, i gave her a present, first and maybe last time? i dont know. time passes just that fast. the date is still occupying a position in my mind. I should have put it down long long time ago.. Well, i will just go with my heart.

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这星期过得怎样啦 ? 对我而言,四月份的第四个星期真是有够‘黑’。‘失去’是我这星期的写照。 在还没说这有失落感的事件时,先分享我的北马3天行。

上星期妈妈如平时和老板来吉隆坡公干。之前有提到说要去槟城走一走,但都没有确定。直到出发前一晚, 妈妈突然问我要去吗? 不用花钱,干吗不去吗对不对。。

出发咯!RM 17 可以到怡保,挺便宜嘛。。到了怡保,当然不可以错过美味的芽菜鸡河粉。















吉隆坡,我又回来了!! 早晨在云朵穿插。。



失去机会,得到教训。 ---

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