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Just realised that i got myself quite a number of vouchers these days… And now, i wanna use them but i cant cos no transport .. >.< haiz, i would cash of same value instead of giving me those vouchers which some have cruel and strict condition to use it which obviously doesnt benefit me… Here are some that i got …


KFC voucher of RM10 which i got it from a so-called game form ‘AmBank Inspector ATM’ contest. expiry date – 30 Nov 2011.. wahaha.. still a long time to go..


About this one which is a Jusco voucher which values RM10 too, i got it from participating a survey called ‘Green living and you’ which was months ago story…


Wong Kok free meal set.. haha.. i got two for this because of my birthday… We spent >RM30 on my birthday and got a giant Teh ice and a voucher( 3 days before and after the birthday is entitled to this offer).. The food offered is undeniable taste good!! however, to have this meal free, you have to spend >Rm50.. >.< now i am wondering who to find to spend RM50 there.. and the expiry date is just a month from the date i got it.. =.=” but, Wong kok is highly recommended for those who want to have meal with quality and quantity… for more info, here’s the link to Wong Kok -  旺角茶餐室


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Though 1030 was a week story, i do feel that my birthday was just a day before.. haiz.. time flies and i cant accept it obviously…. >.< Well, i have to survive for another two months before i go back to celebrate new year~!~! Argh… well, get back to the topic, a week before my birthday, my mum came over Kl to have meeting for her work, of course i had made used of this opportunity to find her.. To my surprise, she handed over a beautifully packed present to me. It was my family who shared the money for the gift and my sis chose it for me.. I was like so touched at that very moment. In fact, i do feel a bit guilty for not buying my sis present previously.. argh… promise it wouldnt happen anymore next year..  A week later on 1030, i was in Penang( study trip) >.< damn stressed of it <not willing to share the experience there).. Later when i went back to Kl on 31/10,  i unwrapped the it and found it is a WAllet… OMG!!!! i need a new wallet freaking bad and i got one finally.. tahnks to my family.. muacks…..




The cover looks cool right.. like it damn much..


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   Back to few days time when our prime minister, Dato’ Seri Najib announced that Malaysia gonna has another skyscraper of 100 storeys, surpassing Petronas Twin Towers during the 2011 National Budget, every malaysian must be thinking that do we need another landmark for Malaysia and what will the structure look like, 1 Malaysia logo look? OMG~!~!~! that’s awesome if we will have a ‘1 shaped’ building in our country..According to the news, the Warisan Merdeka  is expected to be completed by 2015 and it needs RM5 billion for this mega project which will be more than this amount usually at the end. Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) said the project would help boost the country’s economy. And now, this issue is brought up by the opposition party to debat it at Parliament. They are questioning why do the government spend the Rakyat’s money on this project which is seem not a necessary move for the nation development, but not to invest the money to develop other states. Personally, i am quite disagree with the proposed project because it spends a lot and the details about the project is not clearly stated or conveyed to the public.

Here are the recent news article about the Warisan Merdeka

The Star, The Malaysian Insider,Straits Times

   Anyway, I do impress on Dato’ Seri Najib’s 1 Malaysia logo because it is everywhere in the country. His motto is indeed influential and anything can be related to 1 Malaysia.


Wonder what is he thinking? hmm…..


The time when prime minister announced the logo



We have anything related to 1 malaysia – taxis, songs, F1 racing car,,  commercial poster, salam 1 Malaysia, PLKN, etc.. and here comes the 1 Malaysia building (actually i have been wondering will it be a 1 Malaysia building in  coming days, and the answer is yes.)


(image from

Malaysia boleh, Najib pun boleh~!~!~!

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   This is the latest Sarawak food that is the most tasty i have found at the moment. Do you know what is this? If you are a Sarawakian, sure you know what is that( if you dont know, i wonder what u having been eating for your past life, * for non-muslim)… yup~!~! Believe yours eyes, Kampua Mee~!~! n it costs RM 4.00 here, Bandar Sunway. Kl price, considered cheap dy….. Seriously, it tastes delicious, perhaps better than the one in Sarawak(for me lah), just that the chilli is too watery… highly recommended to try out.. @ Ming Tian Restoran, besides Sunway Pyramid.


   OMG~!~!~ This so-called Hainanese Chicken Rice costs only RM6!!!!!! and it comes with a cup of iced lemon tea… it tastes very nice indeed and it is in big size i suppose. It really makes my stomach full.. Do google up the restoran called Salmon Steak Restoran @ SS15 Subang. . . *Must Try*



  Here comes my favourite stuff, the must drink beer whenever i come to KL – A&W Rootbeer.. Being here in PJ for 7 months doing my study, this is the first time i went to A&W Restaurant @ Sunway with friends. To my surprise, a regular size of Rootbeer costs only RM3.60, which is RM0.20 less than what i had expected.. haha. Add-on RM1 for a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream and that’s what i always order at A&W.   Life is meaningless without trying out all kinds of foods, so i will continue my food exploration here in KL for my coming days.

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these are the random photos i had taken using my SE Naite on **/9/2010. ( ps tat i forgot when i took the photos). In fact, the image quality is not bad right. proud of my Naite~~~. Though the park has a history of 6 years, but i guess everyone still love going there right( i mean Kuchingnites). Guess what. the most crowded day of the park is………… mid-Autumn Festival when everyone fight for parking lots and strategic location to place their lanterns during night time. It is in fact the nightmare for the residents staying there on that day..


The background is fascinating right with 2 blocks of condo ( De Summit) and a row of fountain.


View from the ‘ mini bridge’


The most amazing scene in the park is the lake where there are countless of fishes of different species (ps: i dont know who are they) fighting for foods… Of course, there are always visitors feeding them. Sorry to say that i never feed them except my golden fishes in my aquarium..


Does this photo make you think of ‘Piranha’? haha~~


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   As we all know, our Father of Independence or Bapa Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman is the hero of Malaysia as he leads the country to get its independence on 31/8/1957 and the formation of Malaysia on16/9/1963. However, how many of us still remember Dato' Onn Ja'afar? Some of you might ask, who is this guy?

   Dato' Onn Ja'afar was a Malay politician born in 1895 in Johor Bahru.. He is also the father of Tun Hussein Onn, third Prime Minister of Malaysia.

   Dato' Onn was the founder of United Malays National Organization(UMNO) and he was the leader who raise up Malays nationalism to congress against Malayan Union which was described as unfair policy to the Malays.Besides, he was responsible for the social economic welfare of the Malays by setting up the Rural Industrial Development Authority (RIDA).DAto' Onn was the one who introduce 'Sistem Ahli' which is now known as Cabinet. This Sistem Ahli was to train the people of Malaya to get involved in the administration of Tanah Melayu before getting independence from the British.

   However, in year 1951, Dato' Onn was disgusted badly when he called for party membership to be opened to all Malayans, not only to Malays and for UMNO to be renamed as the United Malayans National Organisation. Malay society rejected this suggestion as they refused to amend the structure of UMNO. When his recommendations went unheeded, he left the party to form the Independence Malaya Party(IMP). However, the IMP failed to gain sufficient backing from the Chinese, Indians and other races. Tunku Abdul Rahman took over Dato' Onn position as the second president of UMNO, leading the party and the country to gain independence.

   In my thought,I do appreciate Dato' Onn contribution to this country and he did sacrificed a lot for the independence of the country, but it seems like not many people think of him when we talk about Independence Day. I guess it is time for us to think deeper of what he had contributed to the country.

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MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA.. i guess everyone feels happy n excited of the coming of this BIG day because of................


but the true meaning of this day seems to be less important in most of young people's mindset...., what they care is the holiday on this day where they can sleep nad have fun.

In fact, what 'rakyat' of Malaysia think of 31/8 is the Independence Day of MALAYSIA.. However, is this true? Of what i had learnt in History, 31/8 is the Independence Day of Tanah Melayu. At that time, Sarawak and Sabah were still being colonized by the British. it was till 16/9/1963 where Malaysia is formed with the combination of Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Tanah Melayu (Singapore left in 1965). i am totally confused of this Independence Day because of the date. So should Sabah and Sarawak celebrate 31/8 or just 16/9.. Anyway, i would like to give a credit to Dato Seri Najib of listing 16/9 as the Malaysia Day. As a Sarawakian, i long this holiday for years, not because of the holiday merely, but the deep meaning behind it.. 

Selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan

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    Time really flies. Without realising, the calender has been flipped through four months.yeah, i have been here for 4 months, pursuing my foundation course. and what is great is that i am going back hometown this coming thursday. finally my homesick illness is going to be solved.. lols... Within the four months, studying and living in PJ, i have come across many lively and interesting experience with my new friends here. we had gone through many assignments so far and finally it is time to rest our mind for a month before another nightmare begins.. During this period, i had been away from home and live independently here in PJ. Somehow i do wonder what would be happening if i stay back in hometown to further my study? would it be better and more convenient? I guess no one will know the result and for sure i will deserve ti have a try on that. Nevermind, every pathway links to different ending and maybe i am on the right way or vice versus.. No one can the truth unless i have gone through it.. below are the photos from March to August i had with friends here to share..

our first ever trip to Royal Selangor with my damn short hair..

Trip to Lake Garden

Victor and I.. hmm... look like taking drugs? of course we aren't. we are GOOD citizen.. haha

What a grand & fantastic combination of model we have here!! it's our products of hard work.. (the one below is my model ^.^)

Wah!!! What can you see.. It looks like a lost city right?

Oops... He went into female toilet??

Having lunch together at the cafeteria.. Our preferable meal for lunch  (Nasi Kandar)

EPIC photo in car with Randell... look silly?

16/6.. Tectonics day where i volunteered to be the crew ( i suppose asked to, but enjoyed it).. At first, i had mixed up this event with another event organised by business school... and luckily i did realise there re two different going on on that day.. lols...

This is the multi-purpose hall

  Ian & I

Lovely friends,,....

We won a prize.. cool~~ being crews can win prizes too.. i suppose we were the only guys who won prizes among other friends..

went to the mosque at Putrajaya... first ever experience in a mosque...

photo taken at the Challenge Park , Putrajaya

He is...... (Speechless, no idea what is he doing)

the day when our installation being dismantled..(sob..)

First time at campus till night..

The spoon killer~~

Transformed into Mak Cik..

First time stayed overnight at Taylor's to do our site analysis

Freaking cold Study Area 24/7

The fully completed site analysis

The mock-up model for our finally project

The 1:1 scale sculpture

English presentation of International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong and we got 18 out of 20.. feel so thrilling and surprise when we heard it..

Final project for Creative Thinking Skill - Design a Game

our lovely Babe.. A-Team- the board game

the tank to store the maps and tools... we spent 140 bucks for that to ask a guy to paint it... but, it was completed in a rush.. but it looks nice from picture , right?

Life in cube expression ---

Practice for our presentation For Intro to Construction Industry subject.. guess what? we were asked to sing a song about tender and we chose colours of the wind.. the lyrics is done by Vic, Ian and me

Having dinner at Korean BBQ house at Sri Petaling with friends.. RM25 for buffet..

One of the lecture halls

Back to the first time where we were together to do our first ever assignment.. miss those days....

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