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15/12/09. this is the date that is so meaningful and unforgettable in my life because it might be my classmates last gathering. Time really flies. I still remember the moment when i first stepped into this school( Kuching Town No.1). And now, it is time for me to say goodbye to my school and classmates. We have to further our life in our own ways and i am sure that we will have less chances to be together. Anyway, i hope all of us will be success in their life and never forget the sweet memories that we had come across. Friends Forever!!!

This is my Chemistry teacher, Pn. Sim . She is quite a Sporting and active teacher.

This is Danny.

Do we look Crazy?

Merry Xmas. Me and cheap stuff, Daniel.

My form teacher, Pn Liaw.

this cake makes me so touched as it was given by our teacher. I know that they would hope to see us succeed in our life .Thank you, teacher!

Yup, here are they, my Lovely teacher i can say.

Me and Mrs C

Deline and I

Jac and I

Can you feel the atmosphere of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Shinobi and I. The disc that i am holding is our class album. Limited edition o....You cant find it anywhere in the market.

Audrey and I.

Franky and I

Kylie and I

Mr Kenny,the Afternoon Session Killer!!

Lionel, i think he is the most humorous person in the class.


Our class top 1 student, Mr Lee.

Me and Leslie

AH voon, Woa ha ha

I can say she is my class 'partner' , Miss Sim.

O.U and i. What a honour as i can take photo with 'endangered species', Haha!!

Vera and I. I guess this is the first time to take photo with her. Wonder when is the next time...

Wee think and i

miss Janis. Does she look like a model?

Oh, what are you doing, Kenny? too excited?


This the end of our class dinner, but our friendship will never ends. Jnian will always go hand in hand!!

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the new Kia FORTE has been launched recently. Personally, i love this model compared to others Kia models. Besides, it only costs RM 75+++ to own a Forte. Compared to others same class models like Vios and City, i guess Forte is cheaper. Furthermore, it requires a button ' push to start engine' , meaning that you have no need to use key anymore. How good is that!

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THe new Perodua Alza has been launced!!! the new MPV is so stylish and sportiv compared to others. besides, the price ranges from RM 5++++ to RM 7++++ only. For detail, do visit your nearest Perodua showroom. Malaysia Boleh!!!

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My 17th birthday. The most unforgettable celebration ever in my life . Thanks for my family and friends for celebrating with me. What a touched and memorable memory.

My birthday cake and present. Guess what! My sister and my mum bought this cake for me oh, so touched! Of course, the ' Infiniti FX 45' is the present from Jiun and Annie. Love it so much!

And this the cloth ' Body glove' oh , from my classmate of 5J . Thanks for the present you guys and i will certainly appreciate it. By the way, it suits me and this is my first' Body Glove'.

Infiniti Fx 45 looks cool. Do you notice the car plate number 'JA 10 V'? Do you know what does it mean? Just guess it and tell me...

tHe view from the back.... This Infiniti uses V8 engine o..

My family and my latest member of my car series.

Body Glove from my friends.

wAh!! So sparkling . ya, it glows at night and i love its orange colour

The inner feature

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hurray, i ma 17 now. today is my birthday, which falls on 30th October yearly. Cant wait to celebrate it with my friends and family. of course, i hope to receive as many birthday presents as possible, haha!!!

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this is

place that i find it most dissatisfied is the toilet, yup TOILET! Though it

seems to be in good condition from the outside view, but if you dare to go

inside, you can see the difference. Does your school or working place's

toilet looks like this? DO SHARE WITH ME.

The entrance to the hell- male toilet. and watch out for the rain droplet when it is raining

Can you imagine a toilet to be like this? Do you feel convenient to ' do business' here if you were me?

What the hell of all this? Why must those irresponsible students do this to a public toilet? Did they feel 'SONG" after doing such STUPID and IDIOT fool ? I would just like to slap these students. What's wrong with the door? Does it irritate or disturb you? Why must they do this to it? I just don't understand, would you like to tell me why? Just imagine, a toilet without doors, how are you going to do business. If you are just doing 'small' one, it's ok, but how about the 'BIG' one? You will be shameful and afraid if someone will just kick your door, and see your bird or buttock. DO you agree with me?

What a waste letting water flows without being used!!! What is the school authority doing? It has been in such condition for few weeks.

SEE, why there is a packet of cigarette in the toilet, isn't that it is banned in the school compound? Where is the school authority? Why can't they catch these students who always smoke in the toilet during recess , making the atmosphere in the toilet uncomfortable and polluted? PLEASE LAH..... do something

Here is another condition, a door with a big hole there. Does it provide any ' shelter' ?

rubbish is everywhere. Don't these stupid students know the purpose of rubbish bin?

BE careful all the time. See! Uncovered ceiling!

Piece of advice to the school authority, do something to turn the toilet to a better place, and catch those students who smokes in the toliet. We as the students cannot hold it anymore! PLEASE LAH... WE WANT A FRESH AIR IN THE TOILET

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