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   Back to few days time when our prime minister, Dato’ Seri Najib announced that Malaysia gonna has another skyscraper of 100 storeys, surpassing Petronas Twin Towers during the 2011 National Budget, every malaysian must be thinking that do we need another landmark for Malaysia and what will the structure look like, 1 Malaysia logo look? OMG~!~!~! that’s awesome if we will have a ‘1 shaped’ building in our country..According to the news, the Warisan Merdeka  is expected to be completed by 2015 and it needs RM5 billion for this mega project which will be more than this amount usually at the end. Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) said the project would help boost the country’s economy. And now, this issue is brought up by the opposition party to debat it at Parliament. They are questioning why do the government spend the Rakyat’s money on this project which is seem not a necessary move for the nation development, but not to invest the money to develop other states. Personally, i am quite disagree with the proposed project because it spends a lot and the details about the project is not clearly stated or conveyed to the public.

Here are the recent news article about the Warisan Merdeka

The Star, The Malaysian Insider,Straits Times

   Anyway, I do impress on Dato’ Seri Najib’s 1 Malaysia logo because it is everywhere in the country. His motto is indeed influential and anything can be related to 1 Malaysia.


Wonder what is he thinking? hmm…..


The time when prime minister announced the logo



We have anything related to 1 malaysia – taxis, songs, F1 racing car,,  commercial poster, salam 1 Malaysia, PLKN, etc.. and here comes the 1 Malaysia building (actually i have been wondering will it be a 1 Malaysia building in  coming days, and the answer is yes.)


(image from

Malaysia boleh, Najib pun boleh~!~!~!

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   This is the latest Sarawak food that is the most tasty i have found at the moment. Do you know what is this? If you are a Sarawakian, sure you know what is that( if you dont know, i wonder what u having been eating for your past life, * for non-muslim)… yup~!~! Believe yours eyes, Kampua Mee~!~! n it costs RM 4.00 here, Bandar Sunway. Kl price, considered cheap dy….. Seriously, it tastes delicious, perhaps better than the one in Sarawak(for me lah), just that the chilli is too watery… highly recommended to try out.. @ Ming Tian Restoran, besides Sunway Pyramid.


   OMG~!~!~ This so-called Hainanese Chicken Rice costs only RM6!!!!!! and it comes with a cup of iced lemon tea… it tastes very nice indeed and it is in big size i suppose. It really makes my stomach full.. Do google up the restoran called Salmon Steak Restoran @ SS15 Subang. . . *Must Try*



  Here comes my favourite stuff, the must drink beer whenever i come to KL – A&W Rootbeer.. Being here in PJ for 7 months doing my study, this is the first time i went to A&W Restaurant @ Sunway with friends. To my surprise, a regular size of Rootbeer costs only RM3.60, which is RM0.20 less than what i had expected.. haha. Add-on RM1 for a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream and that’s what i always order at A&W.   Life is meaningless without trying out all kinds of foods, so i will continue my food exploration here in KL for my coming days.

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these are the random photos i had taken using my SE Naite on **/9/2010. ( ps tat i forgot when i took the photos). In fact, the image quality is not bad right. proud of my Naite~~~. Though the park has a history of 6 years, but i guess everyone still love going there right( i mean Kuchingnites). Guess what. the most crowded day of the park is………… mid-Autumn Festival when everyone fight for parking lots and strategic location to place their lanterns during night time. It is in fact the nightmare for the residents staying there on that day..


The background is fascinating right with 2 blocks of condo ( De Summit) and a row of fountain.


View from the ‘ mini bridge’


The most amazing scene in the park is the lake where there are countless of fishes of different species (ps: i dont know who are they) fighting for foods… Of course, there are always visitors feeding them. Sorry to say that i never feed them except my golden fishes in my aquarium..


Does this photo make you think of ‘Piranha’? haha~~


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