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今天我终于回来我的家乡,古晋。 好窝心,好感动噢!不知不觉一个月多的营地
生活过了。每天早上5点便得起身梳洗,准备做早操。Ar... better use emglish la, can type faster. 7 am, have breakfast, either porridge, fried rice,nasi lemak, mee goreng or the bukit saban famous dish, Mi hun soup. THen, it is time to get ready to have 'class' . Oh, it is quite boring for me, especially the first modul. OMG!! the life was so..... anyway, it is past.10 am, tea break, and the 'air kebangsaaan bukit saban' - Teh o is the one you wouldn't miss daily. i have no comment about the lunch, quite good n 'delicious' for certain time. haha!! About the physical activities, i have done flying fox, marching, tempur halangan, A frame and lots more. quite fun. those who has not chosen for plkn, it is quite a pity. what i think the best in plkn is the kelas kerohanian. THe tecaher had taught us many things or rules that we should obey anything, espeacially '孝'. next, i had get into quite a tide and strong friendship with my plkn friends. I enjoyed the moment we had gone through during the previous month. fishball, hong hong, 'JAMES', ah voon, xiao ke ai, and lots more. 'We have fun, we have joy, we have seasons in the sky.' hope our friengship will last forever. in future time, i will upload my bedroom and my compnay delta picture. Happy Chinese New Year. 新年快乐, 万事如意。恭喜恭喜!!!

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