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INCEPTION by Christopher Nolan - a movie that you cant miss for the year 2010

Dom Cobb (Leornardo dicaprio CT)- a skilled thief who steal valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state. For the mission which he agreed to do as a chance of redemption, he is being offered one last job that could give his life back if he can accomplish the impossible - Inception.

 This time, he is not required to steal an idea, but plant the idea on a person who is Robert Fischer (Cillion Murphy) to uncover the hidden fact inside the safety box besides his dad bed in hospital. Saito is the man who employ Cobb to find out the truth. and this is where the challenge happens. During the scene, Cobb always flash back to his own dream where he meet his wife (Mal) and his children. Can Cobb handle the task despite the distraction of his family matter? To know the exact story of Inception, you must pay a visit to cinema.

The actors and actress involved in Inception are  Leonardo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Tom Berenger and Dileep Rao

Leonardo Dicaprio

Are you now in the reality or dream? Are the people and surrounding you projection only? Think of it!
You will never know you are in a real world or in your dream..........


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This happens in Malaysia.. They dont pay money for the free 'ads' . And it worsen the entire view of environment.. Money , Money ,Money, thats what being advertised..

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