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Just realised that i got myself quite a number of vouchers these days… And now, i wanna use them but i cant cos no transport .. >.< haiz, i would cash of same value instead of giving me those vouchers which some have cruel and strict condition to use it which obviously doesnt benefit me… Here are some that i got …


KFC voucher of RM10 which i got it from a so-called game form ‘AmBank Inspector ATM’ contest. expiry date – 30 Nov 2011.. wahaha.. still a long time to go..


About this one which is a Jusco voucher which values RM10 too, i got it from participating a survey called ‘Green living and you’ which was months ago story…


Wong Kok free meal set.. haha.. i got two for this because of my birthday… We spent >RM30 on my birthday and got a giant Teh ice and a voucher( 3 days before and after the birthday is entitled to this offer).. The food offered is undeniable taste good!! however, to have this meal free, you have to spend >Rm50.. >.< now i am wondering who to find to spend RM50 there.. and the expiry date is just a month from the date i got it.. =.=” but, Wong kok is highly recommended for those who want to have meal with quality and quantity… for more info, here’s the link to Wong Kok -  旺角茶餐室


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Though 1030 was a week story, i do feel that my birthday was just a day before.. haiz.. time flies and i cant accept it obviously…. >.< Well, i have to survive for another two months before i go back to celebrate new year~!~! Argh… well, get back to the topic, a week before my birthday, my mum came over Kl to have meeting for her work, of course i had made used of this opportunity to find her.. To my surprise, she handed over a beautifully packed present to me. It was my family who shared the money for the gift and my sis chose it for me.. I was like so touched at that very moment. In fact, i do feel a bit guilty for not buying my sis present previously.. argh… promise it wouldnt happen anymore next year..  A week later on 1030, i was in Penang( study trip) >.< damn stressed of it <not willing to share the experience there).. Later when i went back to Kl on 31/10,  i unwrapped the it and found it is a WAllet… OMG!!!! i need a new wallet freaking bad and i got one finally.. tahnks to my family.. muacks…..




The cover looks cool right.. like it damn much..


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