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15/12/09. this is the date that is so meaningful and unforgettable in my life because it might be my classmates last gathering. Time really flies. I still remember the moment when i first stepped into this school( Kuching Town No.1). And now, it is time for me to say goodbye to my school and classmates. We have to further our life in our own ways and i am sure that we will have less chances to be together. Anyway, i hope all of us will be success in their life and never forget the sweet memories that we had come across. Friends Forever!!!

This is my Chemistry teacher, Pn. Sim . She is quite a Sporting and active teacher.

This is Danny.

Do we look Crazy?

Merry Xmas. Me and cheap stuff, Daniel.

My form teacher, Pn Liaw.

this cake makes me so touched as it was given by our teacher. I know that they would hope to see us succeed in our life .Thank you, teacher!

Yup, here are they, my Lovely teacher i can say.

Me and Mrs C

Deline and I

Jac and I

Can you feel the atmosphere of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Shinobi and I. The disc that i am holding is our class album. Limited edition o....You cant find it anywhere in the market.

Audrey and I.

Franky and I

Kylie and I

Mr Kenny,the Afternoon Session Killer!!

Lionel, i think he is the most humorous person in the class.


Our class top 1 student, Mr Lee.

Me and Leslie

AH voon, Woa ha ha

I can say she is my class 'partner' , Miss Sim.

O.U and i. What a honour as i can take photo with 'endangered species', Haha!!

Vera and I. I guess this is the first time to take photo with her. Wonder when is the next time...

Wee think and i

miss Janis. Does she look like a model?

Oh, what are you doing, Kenny? too excited?


This the end of our class dinner, but our friendship will never ends. Jnian will always go hand in hand!!

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