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It has been days i had had not enough sleep because of assignments. Started on Friday, i had been using my time for my ‘life in cube expression’, where i made a building with spaces for three purposes – shelter , entertainment and work place. this model took me days and night to complete it. i was like OMG!!!! i was totally exhausted and cant even open my eyes to see clearly.. It was totally a speechless task to me and what could i do? just do it, no choice .. Thank God, i finally managed to produce what i want (actually a better i supposed)- a building stuff.. lols….
What i feel now i that i can finally relieve myself free for a night only.. ==!!! there is never holidays for university life.. i think i need more time to adapt to this environment.

Now i can really understand the meaning of a Chinese saying that goes like this, ’ 台上一分钟, 台下十年功 ' You worked very make hard to achieve certain target or goal and this process is unseen by people, people only view your achievement or glory just for minutes or a moment only, they would never understand how much effort you had put in for that glory. This is the conclusion i can made from this task..

New post coming up soon.. hint (Putrajaya)

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What you gonna see is my second model i suppose for my FNBE course. The topic of this assignment is planar elements and i had created this model to express the existence of public , social and personal spaces within the space.

A mysterious view of the model ,as you can see, this is the back side where the 'wall' hidden the space from being viewed or seen.

This is the overall view of the model where there is a tall vertical plane which remarks as the symbolic or landmark of the model.

this is the plan view of the 'space' created with a more public space at the centre which is due to a more pen environment with less enclosure between the walls.

On the right hand side, the 'nearly' touched or intersection of both the triangle-shaped planes gives the people a feeling that it is another territory where not everyone might be allowed to enter. Thus, it creates a more social space.

I suppose this is a personal space where people have their personal conversation with others and as an entrance too to the 'gallery' ( my concept of the model is based on a gallery). Besides, this area can be considered as personal space is due to the shelter or ceiling which further enclose the height and creates a narrower space compared to others.

Side view of the model

at the centre part where there is a horizontal plane, it creates a semi-social space i suppose as the scale of human makes the height of that particular area to be moderate. Besides, the intersection of the horizontal plane and a curved vertical plane creates a feeling of smoothness and streamline as the line moves as a line where it continues with the vertical plane when it reaches the edge of the horizontal plane (An inspiration and amendment by lecturer) *(maybe you will confused of what i am trying to express because  i still improvement of expressing idea using language)

this is the end ... thanks for reading my expression of idea/concept of my model...

(notice: these photos are totally copyright protected as private photos , you are disallowed to copy/download these photos for any purposes. these photos are just for sharing. Thank you for being cooperative)

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Do you know what does this signboard means? Obviously you know right.. i guess a little kid will know the meaning too, but sadly... Malaysian drivers seem need to re-test for the law..

As you can see, a row of vehicles being parked just on the roadside, ignoring the signboard as if it does not exist or just there for decoration purpose.

I wonder why this happens everywhere in Malaysia.... Can you tell me why...

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不知为何会写这一篇文章, 也许是巧合吧.听到别人都有获得公共服务局的奖学金, 自己的心情很矛盾,也很低落,为何自己没机会.我以另一个角度来安慰自己,可能自己的机会不是在那边, 而这机会也许有一天会给我遇上.谁知道呢? 又是在自我安慰.

最近听歌时, 心里的感触特别浓厚, 也许我已渐渐懂得欣赏歌曲了吧, 已能领会其中要表达的含义吧. 听歌让我想起许多回忆,开心, 悲伤, 愤怒, 全都有. 本人近期爱上' 怀旧' 歌曲因为真的能勾起很多回忆,你也不妨试一试.

我最近的确忙于课业, 近日忙着做一个所谓的照片拼图吧,就是把以往的照片来个大集合, 然后粘在一篇A1 的 MOUNTING BOaRD。 ‘筹集这些照片的确让我想起中学时期无忧无虑的日子。现在似乎离我太遥远了。 没法,只好适应现今的生活。 


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   It has been 2 months (actually more than that) staying and studying in KL..... huh.... time flies so fast ya.. What i do feel of my current life??? Good question. actually i have no idea. Sometimes i feel that it is time i can be independent instead of counting on parents for everything..How to say?? Ermm... for example, when i am outside, i have to consider the budget before 'giving' the money for the goods.( doesnt mean i spend extravagant in hometown)  But somehow i feel boring living here, not to say there is no entertainment here, but is just that i have no place to go instead of locking myself in a 'small' apartment... starring at the wall and my lovely HP. If one day my babe leaves me, i cant imagine what my life gonna be.. For sure i will get crazy by that time... Any others entertainment i can fit into... Clubbing? no way... thats not what i want...erm.... maybe i will just keep myself to my babe. 

    Lets move on to my tertiary study @ Taylor's... I feel exhausted all the time because of the overloaded assignments... though it is good for myself.... but they are just killing me... sometimes i do think if i could go back to secondary life when i have only need to 'listen, do , memorize and test'.. Haha ,  Life is that good.. nothing to worry about.. just be punctual to school daily.. thats is simple is that , dont you agree with me? but human being have to grow up someday and i am in the process..

   Not to mention the terrible traffic jam here in Kl. suppose to say Sunway city.... everyday jam jam jam.... besides, the road that lead to my uni faces such stupid unavoidable problem..... The people here very rich... everyone owns their own car( >70%), thats why traffic jam happens. tata. it is just the starting.... wonder when i can i finish my study( i mean the last day at Taylor's)

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