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Last year, i was on my way back to ‘house’ with my parents after klcc-ing… and guess what.. it was raining cats and dogs.. OMG~!~!~! we were using LRT and we have to walk quite a distance to reach the suite… ..So, yeah.. without umbrella, not willing to get sick, we had to wait at the LRT station for nearly 2 hours.. >.< and this is what i did..


Yeah!!! the eye attracting red wall with the station listed… my record was from Kelana Jaya station to Wangsa Maju station to find my friends at TARC..


Until now, i have no idea what KJ stands for… Can anyone kind enough to tell me?



o.o.. just realise i cant eat in the station.. but who cares??? lols.. of course i care. i am a good citizen.. muahaha


Trains come , trains go… but we were still there




How i wish i could advertise my blog on the train too… haha


The movie we watched together that afternoon.. a word – cool~~!~ Gulliver’s travel is a story about a guy working in mail office went to a vacation to write a journal about the place. However, his ship turned over and when he opened his eyes, he was in a land of tiny cute people.. and the story starts.. havent watch it? must get yourself a DVD for it… no cetak rompak o…


Night view of PJ



This is something that i found in the station with a great taste of art.. What is it? yup.. speaker…

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   It was afternoon when i was doing my assignment. i received a call from 039543xxxx.. Picking up the phone and the lady said “这里是My FM 打来的".. I was like OMG!!!! My FM prize giving contest really exist de.. haha.. then she kept asking me have u participated in the online contest recently. then i said yeah…. N you know what, she asked me: you still remember the title of the contest.. I was like =.=” because i participated in a lot or i shall say countless online contest.. My FM, One FM, Hitz Fm, Mix FM…. How am i going to remember it o…. zzz….. Luckily at last , she said ‘Anthony Neely album’. AAaaa… got it!!! yes, thats the one!! she informed me to go to their office at Bukit Jalil to redeem the prize.. Thank God i was in KL… if not,, the prize would be available but not approachable.


    This is the north gate lobby of the Asia Broadcast… Basically, i can only be here for minutes after redeeming the prize.. they are pretty strict, not allowing unauthorized people to be there for too long… despite good security, basically i cant feel the atmosphere of Astro.. ha. Too bad, i cant visit the studio to see how they on-air stuff.. >.< and i dont see the My FM logo too.. ==”



Yup, my visitor pass~!~!


The entrance to where i will get my freebies~!~! Hurray~!! and a slight shot of the Hitz FM cruise team



Another view…. close up!


Here comes the important part!!! it is Anthony Neely.. (i am not that obsessed with him). here’s the list of the item

-Anthony Neely First Lesson album( RM45.90)

-Schwarzkopf product(RM108)

-Food voucher from Prince hotel & Residence KL(RM50)

Total up = RM203.90

Wow!!! thats a lot for me….


He is indeed cute.. haha


The back side of the album.. basically , there are 10 songs in this album.. the name list … i forgot dy.. XD



some photos taken for this album..


OMG!!! he is starring at you….. haha


What i like the most in this album is the song "散场的拥抱"  and this song won me the album in the online contest!! LIKE to the max….




ha. Tats all for Anthony Neely.. and the photos above are captured using my new babies member, Samsung ST71..

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