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    Everyone knows smoking is bad for health, seriously causing severe impact to your body. We all know that since you were a kid, but why people still smoke and some are so addicted to it that they smoke a pack of cigarette daily? I have no idea.

  Due to its severe damage to our body, our lovely Malaysian Ministry of Health have enforced the manufacturers of cigarette to paste an image of eeewww-looking result on each pack of cigarette just like this..

(Yeah!! We found a solution to reduce the number of Malaysian smokers..) o.0, how sure are you? Mr Minister

    Who cares, smokers keep smoking, (some might have quit because of this just maybe). You see everyone smokes especially in cities like KL. No matter men, women, teenagers, it is a trend to smoke. OMG!!



    From what I observed, number of university students who smoke is in critical phase. It is not hard to find one who smokes. What caused this to happen? They smoke since high school? or they smoke when they enter U? Well, university does care about your health, isn't it?

    Like my uni, the management pasted warning posters telling students not to smoke in campus, but the funny thing is they smoke behind this line, in the commercial block, why cant you just prohibit smoking in the campus compound? I am so confused..

   Dear minister, WARNING POSTERS CAN NO MORE SCARE/STOP THE PEOPLE, you are just WASTING non-smokers money. Please think deeper,wisely for workable solutions, increasing the price of cigarette CANT SOLVE THE ISSUE TOO. Dont be selfish,dont think of own benefit collecting taxes from it. 

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