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yup, another trip to Trans Paint and Jong's crocodile farm on this day. this trip is organized by ' Kelab bahasa Cina'. And i am not the member lah. but also can take part. Some photos i took today.....

A new day has begun.Feel excited cauz going for trip

wah, can you see the decoration for the opening of new DUN

Trans Paint

WAh, so many colour to choose.

the actual look of pink colour paint before mixed

The team of trans Paint and J'nian

The main entrance to Jong's crocodile farm

meet me and audrey

meet the Indonesia Big Brother

Group photo

'er yu' oh!!!

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Where are we going?

Act cute pula!

View me and Jess..

She is Jac..

hmm... who is this fellow? Have to check first!
Just kidding. She is deline.

Siapa ni? Hui shang kah?

OMG, orang Utan leh!!!! i mean the one left handside. Haha

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Today is an important day because most of the asian people can see the solar eclipse. But, for me in Sarawak, Malaysia, i have no change for it. furthermore, the weather this morning was too cloudy. Anyone , i wish too share some photos from the internet.

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i have just participated in the poster colouring competition held in my school hall in conjunction with the Minggu Pencegahan Jenayah 2009. Quite fun, about 20+ students took part for it. though it was given 2 hours n 20 minutes to complete the poster, i felt like had not enough time . because of this, i cant hand in the poster perfectly, but ok lah, got 70 marks for myself lah.

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last night, my family and i went to Four Points to have our dinner. Wow,it is very class at that eatery at the lobby.What is the most important is that, the dinner was FREE.

The entrance to the eatery.

the floor is sparkling.

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while i was reading the news, i was quite surprised of the rapid increasing cases of A H1N1 in Malaysia. it is almost approaching 500 cases. Wow, so serious. But, as i can see, people seem to be not affected by the flu. It is rarely for you to see someone wearing mask when they are doing outdoor activities. Wonder why. Anyway, i hope that this flu will leave ASAP. Let's fight against A H1N1.

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this morning, i went to st joseph for taekwando competition. for your information, the event is divided into two, that is pattern and sparring. Of course, i took part in the first one. Surprisingly, i won the bronze medal. Hehe, it is because it is team pattern, three boys included me. out of five teams, we got third place. Feel quite fortunate cauz at leat got medal to bring home.

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