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Guess what, the 'latest' trend of jeans. Actually , it is tissue paper on it, hahaha!!! Haiz, i forgot to take out my tissue paper from my pocket and put it into the washing machines and the result?
an artistic jeans came out from the washing machine, tada!!!!!!! Remember to catch up with this latest trend, haha!!!!

Of course, no one will dare to wear such jeans with tatters on it. OMG!!! So, i have to spend a bit of time cleaning it. haiz... and see what i got form the 5 pieces of tissue paper

O, i was so impressed with the washing machine artistic work , transforming tissue paper into tatters ( am i using the wrong word, if i do, pls remind me, haha).

Finally, my Body Glove jeans is back to its actual look.

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Last thursday, i ,erm... suppose to be my whole classmate went to Royal Selangor which is located in Setapak Jaya. it was our first trip for Element and Built Environment(ENBE) . Departed at 8 o'clock morning, it took us nearly an hour to the location which is quite a distance from school.Just imagine the distance between Bandar Sunway , south  from KL and Setapak, north  from KL. Of course, we went there by bus, 'Bas Persiaran' and used New Pantai Expressway. By paying toll , we saved quite a lot of time on road. You know, massive traffic jam is common in KL.. Around 9 sth, we finally reached there. Royal Selangor is located in a kind of industry area if i am not mistaken. Before i forgot, we went to Royal Selangor Visitor Centre. What's the different? I also don't know.

He was the founder of Royal Selangor pewter factory which was previously called Selangor Pewter which was then changed its name to Royal Selangor in 1992 to reflect the royal endorsement from HRH The Sultan of Selangor Darul Ehsan and its diverse product offerings which had extended beyond pewter.

As you can see, Royal Selangor or Selangor Pewter has been existing for 125 years...

A teapot made from pewter. Tell you what, it is heavier than you imagine.

The money tree made of pewter. If i can bring it home, i am now a rich guy already. Haha!! haiz... stop dreaming.

Yeah, they are my new friends...

Two-storey Petronas Twin Towers

An appreciation of the hard work of workers

O... it is very cold holding the pewter-made cup. Sprite inside.. FOC de..

 100 + degree celcius... you can try put your hand in and see what will happen..

money tree... You can break the coin from the branch to use it for commercial purpose, but for the past lah..

What a cute tortoise for sale, the price is more 'cuter'


Royal Selangor...

Do you know that this' fellow' is in the World Guinness Records....

 The End!!!!!!!!!!!

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一年一度的地球日又来临了. 你是否知道地球日是落在几月几日呢? 没错! 是4 月22日. 今年地球日已进入第41个年头了! 但十分不幸的是人类对保护地球的意识还是很肤浅. 这点我想大家不会否认吧! 不信的话, 你不妨出外看看人们所进行的一切活动 , 大部分都对环境都有一定的伤害, 不是吗? 那要怎样才能拯救地球呢? 相信大家都知道, 如再循环, 减少使用塑料袋, 共车计划, 减少废气排放量等... 但又有几个人能做到呢? 最近刚进行的地球一小时活动也能提高人们对保护地球的意识. 要真正拯救地球,各国领袖都一定要达成共识, 携手合作, 一起对抗地球暖化的危机, 间接延长地球的生命. 我真的希望各国能放下武器,停止一切战争, 为这个地球做出贡献!

 今年地球日主题为气候变化--- 环境及社会问题之源头.


以下图片的环境是你所向往的吗? 你受得了吗?

这才是您应该所向往的美好环境, 青山绿水, 如世外桃源的境界



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    《你好! Mr. Siao》  第二季终于要开课了! 好期待哦! 当第一季的《你好! Mr. Siao》 起播时, 本人也很看好它, 毕竟这时ntv7 首部中文搞笑处境喜剧.  想到每逢星期三晚上8.30, 我一定会扭 开NTV7收看<< 你好!  Mr Siao>> . 还记得第一集, Mr Siao 说他的名字是萧郎时, 我们全家人都笑爆肚子, 觉得这部戏有看头了. 想到演出艺人的名称都好笑, 有' 大白鲨 ' 和' 火凤凰 '. 当然主要演员包括关德辉,吕爱琼, 王骏, 邓壹玲, Baki, Rama,叶良才、汪芷榆、黄国量、陈采珍、陈诗慧及苏盈.

    《你好! Mr. Siao》第二季故事讲述梦想集团老板陶罗勃为了奖励 “大白鲨” 以及 “火凤凰” 队三个月来辛勤的学习华语,决定付费让他们去北京和上海考察当地市场两个星期,没想到他们都被当地蓬勃的消费市场深深吸引! 火凤凰和大白鲨队员在中国的两个星期面对很多语言上的困扰,而且闹出很多笑话!于是,他们要求老板再次把萧郎请回来把他们的华语教好,以备进军中国时不再 闹笑话。萧郎 (Mr Siao) 很高兴接受邀请,就这样, 第二季的《你好! Mr. Siao》华语班便要开课咯!!!

   让我们一起屏息期待吧!!记得要收看《你好! Mr. Siao》, 每逢周三晚上8.30,只在NTV7,您的欢乐频道. 


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It has been a long time for my last post. I am to apologize to those who always catch up updates from me, especially Ms Lee. You know what, i seem to be 'moodless' to write blog after coming back from national service. Yes! i went for national service for 2 months plus in Betong. Since then, i was isolated from the status of being a blogger. But now, i just wanna say, I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time really flies. This is my latest post since February. I planned to write my experience in camp, but i think that one is outdated dy.. so i will share my latest experience as a college student( which is soon turning into a university student in April end). erm........ where to start from ya?? OK, i am now at petaling jaya, writing this post. This place seems to be familiar to me because Sunway Pyramid is just nearby, Haha!!! but the place i am staying now is like MJC new town ship in Kuching. All kind of business running here, including tat kind also la.. You know la hoh.. food here consider nice and affordable, but no kolo mee , kueh chap, kampua and laksa sarawak. haiz.... but nevermind, life has to go on ba, i have to eat too. Eh, i am getting out of topic, better come back before going to north pole. As you know, i am a college student now, and i am studying in Taylor's College, not Taylor's University College o because the school division of architecture is not ready yet at the lakeside campus.Will be moving there soon. I have been here at Taylor's being a newly joined Taylorian for about 5 days. My current location for the course is at LCS(want to know what is it, check it urself). life here still considered ok, but the college life is totally different compared to secondary life. Class held in various places, the timetable is not constant like  what has happened today. No class for the whole day because it is cancelled due to' unforeseen circumstance' which i dont know why. Nevermind, i forgive them as more time can be allocated for me to do research. Indeed i shall say it is another 'fortune'. Next, lets share about the orientation. What catches my attention the most is that the safety and  security in KL. Is KL that hazardous and unsafe to live in?? I dont have idea concerning bout it. Anyway, the air is polluted seriously i shall say due to widespread development here and there. I really the fresh air in my hometown. haha!! Tell you what, i cant tell more about my college life and class because.... i have just attended two classes only!! Nevermind, i will post my latest news in 'few' days soon.

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