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Before I talk about target for 2012, let me just summarize what I wish and did for the past year.. Hmm, I did want to move out from Taylor's Lakeside hostel due to its killing rental and the tiny room they have.

Oh Yeah!! I am moving out~!!!

I am still here.. sigh.... Hopefully by this year, I can move to a cheaper house.. >.<

Next, in 2011, everyone is keeping themselves updated to the trend of owning a smartphone/tab in hand..How I wish I could have one too.

Samsung Galaxy SII?

HTC Sensation XE?

No, none of them, I am still using my lovely Sony Ericsson Naite.. I dont need a smartphone anyway. I just need a workable, sms,mms and callable device. Somehow, I am looking forward for the upcoming Smartphones this year, hopefully it will get cheaper and it would be best if I can get it for free.. haha..

Lastly, I have been warning myself to exercise more frequently and gain weight, but the fact is cruel, I am still that thin. However, my exercising rate has increased compared to 2010.. Cant wait for the gym and indoor badminton court of University to be opened soon... This year, I MUST EXERCISE MORE~!!

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