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     Once again, it is time to countdown the days flying back to hug everything of Kuching. After surviving for the first session of final assignment, i can see the waving hand of Kuching much more clearer. First semester of Degree life is going to end soon, what shall i say about it? cool, difficult, torturing, relaxing, challenging, killing? Well, it kills but teaches me the cruelty and reality of this world.

Forget about Uni life, it is time to plan my holiday in July!!!! What shall i do?

  • sleep for at least 7 hours
  • eat like the world is ending
  • exercise more
  • dye cut my hair
  • be my parents driver
  • drive recklessly in Kuching
  • Back to school for nothing
  • Hang out with friends(hope they will entertain me)
  • move on with my design idea(pixelization) & Google SketchUp
  • hunt for My Fm Cruiser
  • mini-gathering with J’nians
  • catch up NTV7 dramas & movies
  • call my parents for no reason
  • eat the Korean noodle
  • more to come

what I did for the past few torturing months



Project : Make a mask which reflects my personality



Project : Create a 4m by 4m space for hide & peep purpose 



Project: Create a day-dreaming space for a performer



Building Analysis : Hagia Sophia

  Well, 17 means another thing to me.. ya.. it is her birthday again. Back to 5 years, i gave her a present, first and maybe last time? i dont know. time passes just that fast. the date is still occupying a position in my mind. I should have put it down long long time ago.. Well, i will just go with my heart.

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  1. nice one...i'd say it was worth it..:)

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  1. wow amazing stuff!